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Lavoropiu HK is a service company which provides sound support to all Italian companies that wish to explore or deepen their Asia Pacific contacts or that wish to set up in the Asia Pacific region, with a major focus on China either as a supply source or as a market for their products or services. Lavoropiu HK also caters to Chinese companies that wish to enter the European market, in particular the Italian market.

Lavoropiu HK’s organization has a vast experience in the Asia Pacific region and in particular in China. Its multinational team has operated and continues to operate in major trading and sourcing companies in an extensive variety of sectors thereby accumulating significant know-how in all phases of production, organization and management.

Working with group companies Lavoropiù SpA and Lavoropiù do Brasil RH Ltda, Lavoropiu HK is able to count on a vast network of contacts with solid Italian companies through Lavoropiù SpA and the ability to cater directly to companies in the Brazilian market due to the presence of Lavoropiù do Brasil RH Ltda in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Lavoropiu HK's internal database together with the strategic agreement entered with an important recruitment agency, (a member of the NPA recruitment search network) founded in Hong Kong in 1989, which has operated in China since 1995, and conducts personnel searches and selection of staff, guarantees Lavoropiu HK excellent coverage of the precise area of human resources which is Lavoropiù SpA’s core business with its over 50 million euros turnover. Furthermore, Lavoropiù SpA provides, from Italy, search and selection of “ready to go” graduates either on a contract or internship basis.

Lavoropiu HK’s memberships in the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macao and the Hong Kong General Chamber serve to expand its vast network of contacts even further.

Lavoropiu HK is in a position to suggest B2B solutions, which are both professional and tailor-made for the client. It caters not only to large enterprises but also to all the small and medium enterprises, which are unlikely to be able to deal directly with major partners.

Lavoropiu HK can operate either by aggregating the requests of many small enterprises that operate in the same sector and which have similar requirements, or by creating ad hoc teams for broader types of operations and offering a vast range of services, including territorial consultancy, analysis and research, checking and evaluation, business matching and provision and management of human resources.

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