Our Team

Giovanni Freddi – Chairman of the Board
Managing Director of Lavoropiù SpA and a consultant for Lavoropiù do Brasil RH Ltda, Giovanni has almost twenty years’ experience in the human resources sector. From his base in Italy he co-ordinates Lavoropiù activities as a service brand for companies with an international vocation through Lavoropiù Everywhere the Overseas Division of Lavoropiù SpA.

Nicole Cheng – Consultant
Nicole has over eight years’ experience in sales in Asia, having worked in the promotion and distribution of major Italian brands. In addition she has an excellent organizational and administrative capacity developed over the past four years.

Gabriele Forni – CEO
Possessing over twenty years’ experience in the textile sector, Gabriele has worked in Italy and carried out extensive business activity in the Asia Pacific region. His career has covered all aspects of the textile sector. He has worked as a trade agent, an importer and distributor from Italy and has also opened self-owned retail outlets in Italy. Finally, he moved to Hong Kong to take on the role of Managing Director of a textile trading company which oversaw collections and production carried out in China and other Far East locations for famous brands such as Hello Kitty, Everlast, Emporio Armani and Guess.

Fabrizio Goldoni – Principal Consultant
Having spent over 20 years living and working in Asia, Fabrizio has extensive hands on senior management experience across diverse range of activities. Before January 2013, Goldoni was Caben Asia Pacific's CEO and was responsible for all of the company's operations, strategic development and growth. Managing Caben Asia Pacific since the company's inception in 1993, Goldoni built up the company's network of vendors and resources across Asia, supporting optimal product development and guaranteeing efficient distribution, therefore securing the continuous growth of major international brands such as Chicco, PIC Solution and Prenatal.

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